Colorful Plant Cups

Here’s an easy-to-make container for planting seeds or cuttings from materials you have on hand.

Need an easy-to-make container to start seeds? Christie Powell, an Adult Day program manager in KY, offers this idea. Create a colorful flowerpot from Styrofoam hot cups. This is an easy project for folks of all abilities. Use acrylics and sponge brushes to paint the base. Then, add a finishing touch with glitter designs. Make a hole in the base for drainage. Add potting soil, plant seeds, and water. Keep on a sunny windowsill. Have participants water (not too often!!) and check for growth. Repot into larger container or plant outside.

Setup Time1 hours
Completion Time1 hours
Resourceshot cups
acrylic paintglitter or other trim itemspotting soilseeds or cuttings
Benefitsfine motor skills
sequencing taskscreative expression
Skill LevelEasy

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