I feel that compost is the most important ingredient for a successful garden. In nature, plants drop their seeds, die, and rot. A new plant of a new generation grows the next year in the decaying remains of its parent. Using good gardening practices to avoid diseases and pests, we clean up the plant residue each year and eat the fruit of our harvest. Using compost is a natural way to put back into the soil each year all that we take out. Compost offers many benefits.

Adding Texture to Soil

By adding compost you increase the texture of the soil and allow it to retain oxygen.

Better Moisture retention

Soil high in organic matter retains water way better.


Worms love organic matter. They burrow little holes through the soil allowing oxygen to get to the soil. And as a bonus, they leave their droppings all over which are an excellent fertilizer.


Compost is high in the essential nutrients that plant need. It only makes sense, considering that compost is broken down by plants.

In the future, I hope to add What to use, and How to make compost.

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