Fruit Garden

It’s the toughest job to maintain a fruit garden among all other gardening types. The main reason for it is the volume of hard work and time you need to devote to maintain it. It’s natural for pests be allured towards the plants with the advent of ripening of fruits and you are in a fix almost! You will have to, not only get the right manure and fertilizer for the plants during the growing stage but also counter the pests and insects with the correct pesticide simultaneously that should not harm those who consume them too.

The demerit of fruit garden is that you would not be able to produce fruits from your garden round the year but they are mostly seasonal in nature. In this scenario, if you decide to go for alternative crops, ensure the soil is not damaged by the other crops grown in the off-season. Having talked about is advantages and challenges, you realize it’s your job that you can take up wherein you have enough time and willingness to work harder, fruit garden is the right choice for you for certain!.

If you’re looking for no product with virtually no work, go with a flower garden. If you want lots of delicious products, but you are willing to spend hours in your garden each day, then go for a fruit garden. Just making sure you don’t get into something you can’t handle is the rule in choosing a perfect garden.

So I have been trying to briefly talk about some of the common and basic types of garden people do think and like to choose from though there are several types of gardening for people depending on the geography of the area, availability of the land, type of the soil, one’s attitude and purpose etc. I will certainly talk about them in detail and keep your eyes open for the new feeds and tips about home gardening.

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