Guide To Basic Tomatoe Container Gardening

Tomatoe container gardening can be very convenient for individuals with minimal space in their gardens, homes or those who wish to have tomatoe plants inside their homes. Tomatoe container gardening enables the gardener to bring in a splash of color to their homes. Compared to single pots, most containers used in tomatoe container gardening are relatively large and can contain several plants of the same type or of a different type.

Choosing A Container For You Garden

One thing that you should consider when choosing a container is the kind of tomatoe plant you wish to put in the container. Some types require deeper pots for their roots to burrow into while others do not require as much space. Tomatoe container gardening mediums vary from containers such as plastic pots, terracotta containers and wooden boxes.

Plastic containers for tomatoe container gardening tend to discolor in time and may also eventually be susceptible to cracks and deterioration. Unglazed terracotta containers will dry up eventually and may be prone to breakage as well as being heavy to cart around. Glazed terracotta containers are ideal since the glaze seals them and protect them from drying up. Wooden containers are prone to rot although choosing wood that is not susceptible to rotting is an option.

One advantage of wooden containers for tomatoe container gardening is that these can be made to fit the specifications of the area you wish to put your plants in. You must bear in mind that treated wood that you will use for tomatoe container gardening can affect your plants so ask what chemicals were used to treat the lumber before you buy.

Containers used for tomatoe container gardening must also have a wide opening for better plant growth. The containers must also have appropriate drainage to prevent root rot and other root damage.  For containers with big drainage holes, you can line the bottom inside part of the container with news paper to prevent soil loss.

Most tomatoe container gardening are for indoors plants so it is best to consider the areas where they are placed. Sunlight is one thing to consider as well as the temperature in the area. Some plants need more sunlight than others so make it a point to ask or find out what kind of care your plants need.

Tomatoe container gardening can be especially satisfying when you plant herbs or vegetables that you place in your kitchen for fresh use when you are cooking. Live plants can also bring color to any area of your home.

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