How to Prepare The Tree To Making Bonsai

How to prepare the tree?

It would be better you buy a tree that has large diameter in the trunk which will finally lend it a pretty old look to the plant. Do prune the tree or plant in the shape you have envisaged, use wires to get the correct shape and shift the plant from the old one to a new one.

Most importantly, when you do the tree transfer from one to another, ensure you cut 1/3 of roots which will certainly help the growth of new roots. You might however find it quite difficult to cut the roots so wash the soil away and do the slicing of roots.

How to plant the tree?

  •     Add some well draining soil into the pot and place the plant into the pot.
  •     Do not use any soil that has high water holding capacity
  •     Do position or straighten the plant before you fill soil on the top of the pot.
  •     Run a heavy gauge wire from the bottom of the pot through the drainage holes
  •     Better use copper wire as it helps shaping the tree as well.

However, it’s not wise to just plant the tree and leave the nature to take care of it. Frequent transfer of the tree and pruning the roots will increase the process of miniaturization as well. Do ensure you keep shaping the tree cutting twigs and branches until you see your efforts met the visualization you had in the beginning.

You should not be selfish and cage the tree inside your house. Trees like sunlight and it needs to be placed where it gets it but keep it away from direct and intensive sun, filtered sun light is recommended for a sustainable growth. It’s very useful to know about the fundamentals of making bonsai before you start on the project.

Plants you can use:

Bamboo, Guava, Camellia, Ash, Ivy, Flowering quince, Dogwood , Persimmon, Ginkgo, Holly, Juniper, Pine, Flowering plum, , Oak, Willow, Wisteria, Elm, Azalea Cypress, Beech, Hawthorn.

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