Lavender Wands

There’s nothing like the aroma of fresh cut lavender! Create a lavender wand for a sensory experience.

This is a great activity for sensory stimulation and to help participants with fine motor movements. Caregivers can also enjoy this activity with a loved one.


1. Collect lavender flower stems and cut as long as possible. I usually find a gardener who is willing to share their summer harvest!
2. Have clients pick the excess leaves off of the stems.
3. They then gather stems to create a small bunch.
4. Use yarn, twine, or ribbon to wrap around the stems starting from about 1-2 inches from the flowers. Work toward the end of the cut stems.
5. Create a loop for the wand to hang upside down in a closet or placed in a clothes drawer.


This activity is also great as a nice gift for caregivers.
Potpourri sachets can be made with leftover flowers.

Setup Time1 hours
Completion Time1 hours
ResourcesLavender flowers with stems
ScissorsRibbon, twine, jute
BenefitsSensory stimulation
Fine motor skills
Skill LevelEasy

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