Windowsill Garden

Simplicity works. Here’s a small indoor garden that gives Miss Dot a lot of “daily joy!”

Miss Dot keeps geraniums on her windowsill until they quit blooming. She claims it’s great to see them while she does the dishes. A simple begonia, geranium or African Violet are all perfect for a small windowsill garden. This activity is also great for caregivers and homebound elders.


1. Be sure the light is right for the plant. Check with a garden cener or nursery as to which plants will work for your windowsill.
2. Indoor plants in the winter need extra attention. Heat can dry out a plant very quickly. Don’t place plants on a windowsill if there is a radiator underneath!

Setup Time1 hours
Completion Time1 hours
Resourcesplants in small containers
Benefitssensory stimulation
nurturing and care
Skill LevelEasy

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